16 August 2010

Coup de Foudre: Lagerfeld's Austrian

I was recently savoring the ode to the eighteenth century that was Karl Lagerfeld's Paris flat, as captured by Christie's in 2000.  The sale was a major purge, and he swept out his savonnerie to go all high tech and Hedi Slimane.  As long-time readers of EEE may know,  there is nothing like an Austrian shade or a pagoda pelmet  to stop me in my tracks. 

The Kaiser's are perfection - the two swags (as opposed to four or five) are unexpected, and I love the gathered side edges and that it's unlined.  Oh I could go on and on.

From his introduction to the sales catalogues:
"Lives, like novels, have chapters.  Never put yourself in a position where one day you can compare a still unknown future to a happy past."

Photograph by Karl Lagerfeld from the 29 April 2000 Christie's Monaco catalogue

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