26 January 2009

Design Friends: From Virtual to Actual

This Saturday I was paid a most delightful visit by my two favorite Patricias from the blogging world -

From left to right: Mrs. Blandings, PVE and EEE in miniature dealer Elle Shushan's booth at the Winter Antiques Show - wallpaper by Brunschwig et Fils and booth design by Ralph Harvard - he also designed Sumpter Priddy's stand which you should also take a look at if you go through the show.

It seems these days everyone has a blog and I feared many would groan and roll their eyes when I started mine just a month ago, but what I found was the most warm, welcoming (and informed!) community.

One of my favorite blogs is Mrs. Blandings - I love her old school sensibility and, most of all, her warmth and graciousness that come right through the screen. (Click here for the best blog post in the entire world.) Another thing I adore about her blog is her header and it took me no time to track down its divinely talented creator PVE Design.

PVE also did the header for Ronda Carman's outstanding blog

I think what most captivates me about PVE's work is that her pen and brush capture a world that is dashing and dapper - a world out of a P.G. Wodehouse novel or a Noel Coward play - and most certainly a version of the world I would most like to live in.

Because imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Ms. PVE has been working up a blog header for me which I hope to unvail very shortly....


Unknown said...

How wonderful!! I know that you will be so pleased!

Emily Evans Eerdmans said...

One word, Ronda - turban! Can not wait! EEE

Debra said...

You must have had a great visit with these two lovely ladies.
I too am fairly new to this blog-venue- isn't it wonderful~ all of the support out there?
I start each day with PVE- along with my first cup of coffee- and Mrs. B- directly after.
Such treats~

Emily Evans Eerdmans said...

Debra, Lovely is the word! EEE

pve design said...

A pleasure to meet you. I wanted to ask for your "autograph" - I am flattered by your post.
Welcome to the world of blogging, not that you need any luck or words. You seem to be full of so much intrigue and knowledge.
In awe.

Janet said...

I love the banner. So YOU! xo