29 October 2010

In the Mood (Fabrics)

In honor of the season finale of Project Runway, my friend David and I made a pilgrimage to Mood Fabrics.  After walking up and down 37th Street several times, we finally realized that Mood is not on street level, but located on the third floor.

An old school freight elevator complete with hand crank for the operator delivered us to fabric heaven where a paper Heidi Klum greeted us.

First on our list was finding and giving some love to Mood's mascot Swatch.

I don't want to say that fame and adoration have gone to Swatch's head, but it was surprisingly hard to pin him down and give him a good rub down.  Perhaps he was just having a Garbo day.

But there was more to our Mood mission than cornering Swatch and later Casanova (which was quite exciting).

David with Casanova

David and I had both been let in on the interior designer secret of sourcing fashion fabrics for soft furnishings.  In fact, David's bathroom was upholstered in an Oscar de la Renta polka dot silk by Miles Redd - and its origin?  Mood, of course! 

 Maybe it was emotional blackmail, but I had convinced David that he was going to eventually stain it and he should come to Mood with me to get extra yardage just in case.  We searched high and low and rejoiced when we saw this white and black number.  Luckily, a lovely sales lady informed us it was not Oscar, but something called Timani.  

I was on the prowl for some green velvet to upholster a decrepit Victorian wicker armchair (stay tuned) so we wandered downstairs into the upholstery section.

There was an attractive mohair for $100 a yard but I was looking for a steal.
After taking a time out (as Mood can be overwhelming with its enormous selection) and gazing into a bridal studio across the street, we looked at the fashion silks.

And there I found the most perfect $18 green silk velvet while David snapped up a cutting of Oscar pink taffeta to make into a pocket square which he wore the next evening to dashing effect.  Mission accomplished and, if we do say so ourselves, Mondo successful.

After Mood and Before Claudine
Mood Fabrics:  225 W 37th St, 3rd Floor between 7th and 8th Avenues
(212) 730-5003


Roy said...

I'm not exactly crestfallen but you might want to preface this post with a spoiler alert...I recorded the episode and haven't had a chance to watch it yet!

Emily Evans Eerdmans said...

Roy, You are absolutely right - I don't know if I could even bring myself to watch the episode if I knew a certain person didn't win so spoiler removed! EEE

Karena said...

Emily, you picked the perfect fabric, love it and that green and cream Albert hadley piece!

Come and join my giveaway from Metis Linens!

Art by Karena

24 Corners said...

Well now I can't leave my intended comment because it might be a spoiler for someone...shoot! Let's just say no matter what happened...Mondo rules and may his fashion design gifts reign forever!!! Was that okay? I really didn't give anything away...trust me!

How fun that you went to mood...I've always wanted to give Swatch a scratch! Can't wait to see the green velvet in all it's new glory! The New Victorian Ruralist has a fabulous image of an ancient iron daybed done up in green velvet, it's stunning!

Thanks for the Mood peak...
xo J~

Karena said...

PS I am attending your book signing on Friday the 5th here in Kansas City.....Have left a message at Parrin & Co. What is the start time?

Art by Karena

Janet said...

Wicker and velvet. Oooooooh, I love the irony of it. Can't wait to see the final result.