09 November 2010

Painting the town Leopard and Blue

One guess which foot is mine
Last week The World of Madeleine Castaing took me to Kansas City, home to the lovely Mrs. Blandings - known in  real life as Patricia Shackelford - who has captured her home town's thriving and super stylish design scene on her must-read blog.

The setting for the book signing was Parrin and Co, the most charming antiques shop owned by Barbara Farmer.  When Barbara mentioned months before that we must have champagne and macarons for the evening, I knew she was my kind of person. 

Her good friend Silvia was enlisted to keep the bubbly flowing, and, let me tell you, Silvia took her mission seriously.  Every where I turned, there was Silvia, vigilantly keeping my glass always full.

Vignettes at Parrin and Co.

Fellow Bloggers Soodie Beasley and Patricia Shackelford
Hailing from the Midwest myself, I wasn't surprised by how warm everyone was, but this was taken to new heights when a taxi driver showed up hours later with my wallet, which I hadn't even realized I lost.

Castaing blue was everywhere, even on the perfectly behaved Stuey, right, who, yes, is a male dog.

Many thanks to Barbara and Patricia for a sensational soiree - I can't wait to come back.  Click here for more Kansas City fabulosity courtesy of Elle Decor.

And when you're next in KC, be sure to visit Barbara at Parrin and Co. (there may even still be some lavender macarons left):  
1717 West 45th Street
Kansas City, MO  
(816) 751-7959


Mrs. Blandings said...

We will do it again for the next book! Can't wait to see you soon.

home before dark said...

I was so disappointed that I had "Command Performance" with my husband's job. Bummer! Thought about you. Love the shoes of course...and the book. I told myself I needed to wait until winter had come to the garden giving me time off to read, ponder and enjoy this book. I gave up and devoured the first 50 pages. Can't wait to have time to finish the rest. Glad you enjoyed KC and the delightful Mrs. B and Soodie.

Bruce Barone said...

What a beautiful and heart-warming post!

soodie :: said...

EEE you made our town just sparkle! we were so glad to have you here.

Mary Jane McCarty said...

The World of Madeleine Castaing is the MOST wonderful book, I'm inspired and fastinated, can't put it down!