17 July 2014

Nick Olsen on Decorating by the Stars

Hands down the most fun I've ever had writing an article has been for the current issue of House Beautiful.  It was a true triumvirate of friendship between designer (Nick Olsen), client (a family friend) and moi-meme.

Read the full interview here  where you will discover that Leos (like the client) adore fiery red and that both the client and Nick have an almost unhealthy passion for chairs.

Post-script from Nick:  My one regret is that I've only now realized that Monsieur Saint Laurent himself was another Leo enraptured by bold colors, expansive collections, and tribal/animal prints! It's so fitting that one of his fabrics [see the print on the settee above] would set our entire scheme in motion. 

Post-script from the Owner: The sheets are Pratesi, not Frette.

A big thank you to Newell Turner, Shax Riegler and Vicky Lowry for keeping in all my favorite bits.  Photo by Maura McEvoy for House Beautiful.  


Dean Farris said...

Love it all!
Thanks for the update!

MJH DesignArts said...

Great interview! Of course the saturated colors are wonderful, but my favorite element is the pair of faux bamboo tables.

Anonymous said...

Bravo EEE!!!

Love your writing!

A triumph if I ever saw one!



Anonymous said...

I can't get enough of Nick Olsen's work! His brilliant sense of colour and lighthearted touch always seems joyful and fresh. More, please!

home before dark said...

Colorful and joyful! You and Nick should have that continued decorating by the Stars conversation. It is obvious to see that Nick is well Redd, but it also nice to see Nick being Nick.