07 August 2014

H.H.H. Reviews…The New Nietzsche: Contemporary Styles of Interpretation

Another candid review from Amazon all-star Herbert H. Highstone

Dimly Printed Pages Are Almost Impossible To Read
One Star

I'm sorry to report that this book, or at least the copy that I encountered, is very badly printed. Perhaps it's one more symptom of the decadence of the paper book, but the printed pages in this volume are so difficult to read that I threw it aside in disgust. You really need to look through the book before buying it to make sure that your eyes can handle an extremely inferior print job with a tiny typeface. I also hated the heavily doctored picture of Nietzsche on the cover that makes him look like a bewildered shopkeeper.


Art by Karena said...

Emily, Though I love my collection of art, design and architecture tomes, I now use Kindle for fiction and much non-fiction, because I can adjust the font size and have a clear page! (Important at my age I suppose!

The Arts by Karena

Toby Worthington said...

Someone seems to be hacking into your Blog account because this has nothing whatever to do with what we have come to expect from the EEE site.