27 April 2009

Chicago Artropolis May 1 Lecture: The Regency Revival from Deco Greco to Hollywood Glam

EEE will discuss the interpretations of neoclassicism during the twentieth century—from the Art Deco designs of Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann to the silver screen set designs of Hollywood. With an exploration of how during the turbulent years between the two World Wars, many people—from socialites to housewives—turned to the high style and comfort of the Regency style instead of the cold tubular steel of Modernism, and how such legendary designers as Dorothy Draper and David Adler were able to find their voice in the Classical tradition to create spaces that were as modern as they were timeless

When: May 1st, 1:00pm

Book signing of Regency Redux to follow. To R.S.V.P. click here or call or 312.527.6885. Generously sponsored by CINOA and the Magazine Antiques.

Special for EEE readers: click here and enter promotion code: CINOA for a complimentary pass to all three Artropolis events.

Photo: Stephen Tennant's Wilsford Manor - originally decorated by Syrie Maugham but amply embellished by Tennant


magnaverde said...

I'm really looking forward to this!

home before dark said...

How do you ever go to sleep with all of these amazing images/facts/timelines/relationships swirling in your brain? I bet a CAT-scan of your brain would be the most beautiful room in the world. I'm impressed with what you know and how you present that information. Good luck with your lecture.

Emily Evans Eerdmans said...

Bart, counting down the days!

Home - golly! thank you! What a warm, supportive community the design blogging world is!