24 July 2009

A Perfect Match(box)

After a particularly rough and tumble day, this surprise was waiting for me in my mailbox and instantly put a much-needed smile on my face. Unbeknownst to me, Susan of Shandell's, of whom I recently wrote about here, took PVE's wonderful drawing and customized one of her delightful matchboxes. (PVE and Susan - now that's a match made in heaven!)

Thank you, Susan, for brightening up my day and many more to come!


home before dark said...

Luscious! Maybe the dead center Mr. Worthington suggestion for your mantel could be a version of PVE does EEE. Nice horizontal lines . So enjoyed the Rue, Manaverde and You story. Thanks again for the treasure hunt.

vicki archer said...

Love, love, love it...Happy weekend, xv.

Shandell's said...

Thrilled that these made you smile.
Sorry about your rough day, have a great weekend.

Karena said...

So wonderful both you Patricia and Susan! Things will get better soon!

pve design said...

Poof, Susan sure knows how to light more than a match!