04 February 2009

Elegant Decay: Admirals' Row

I have always been drawn to crumbling grandeur - the cracks in the veneer that betray a history and an imperfection. Give me flaking lacquer over fresh paint any day.
For my fellow travelers who also enjoy this aesthetic, here is a treat.

Admirals' Row in the Brooklyn Navy Yard

This stretch of ten residential houses was built for high-ranking Navy officers and their families between 1864 and 1901. Decommissioned by the Navy in 1966 and fully abandoned by the late 1970s, the structures have been slowly but surely rotting away.

Click here to read more about the site's history.

Click here, here and here to see more photographs full of romance and atmosphere.

Top photo, #3 by Nathan Kensinger; #2, #5, #6 by Jake Dobkin;#4 by Richard Nickel, Jr.


Toby Worthington said...

Hmm...my first thought was, What Would Gil Schafer Do?

Fergus said...

beautiful blog.!!

greetings from Chile.!



Janet said...

Fabulous! Entropy...you have to love it.

Heather van Breda said...

Really beautiful, such potential, such history.

Emily Evans Eerdmans said...

Mr. Worthington - you read my mind!

Jill said...

It's strange...building to me are almost alive. It hurts my heart when i see them in such disrepair.

gisette27 said...

I LOVE this post!! I understand the attraction to the crumbling, peeling and decay. If someone let me, I would live in it. I might sweep a bit.


Pigtown-Design said...

Wow... when i was in the salvage business, we took apart the DC Naval Yards, including the officer's club. We got the most amazing things, and I still have a HUGE "silver" punch bowl.

Emily Evans Eerdmans said...

P-D - you ran a salvage business?! the treasures you must have! And I can't believe you mentioned a punch bowl - it's one of my current obsessions.... EEE