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26 May 2009

Haute Couture for the Home: Jean Francois Lesage

Any lover of fashion will be familiar with the legendary petits mains of Lesage. Since the time of Napoleon, the house of Lesage has been the go-to for exquisite hand-beading and embroidery. And while a Lesage-embellished gown is not in my forseeable future, a pillow, with prices starting at 80€ - most certainly is.

detail of pillow from Projection collection

While in Paris last week, we stumbled upon the newly opened left bank shop of Jean-Francois Lesage. It is his first and only retail outpost and stocked with pillows, blankets, curtains and more. Each piece is distinguished not only by its exquisite manufacture but by the charm and wit of its design conceived by Lesage and his creative director Amelie Dilleman. The embroidery is carried out in Madras, India where Lesage lives full-time.

from the Chemistry collection - metal soft wire chain stitch and zigzag resemble drops of oil 420€ each

detail of curtain from "Ming" collection - metallic wire, double chain stitch

Ming curtain panel

And for my absolute favorite...

You can send Jean-Francois Lesage a painting by your child and they will replicate it into a piece of embroidery. 1960for the miniature Louis XVI style chair complete with embroidery

a prototype for the new Geometrical collection - think Sonia Delaunay and Russian Constructivists

beaded Playing Card pillows, 80€, each with Baroque frame with Constellation (knotted rope and French rope) overhead, 1470

Graphicale Louis available in beige, black, brown and white
headboard 890
bolster 660

Euro cushion 260

throw 1230

For more information:
Jean-Francois Lesage
7bis, rue des Saints Pères
Paris 75007
Tel: 01 58 62 41 36


Claudia Rice said...


Emily Evans Eerdmans said...

Claudia - can you imagine having a Jackson Pollock-esque sofa??? To die.

little augury said...

Fantastic- I have seen these detailed on occasion in mags. and like you this is an extravagance I could make. I have a Castaing post that I have linked your 5 to and mentioned your upcoming book- Can't Wait. LA

Blue said...

Welcome back. I love the oil-drop pillows! Wonderfully subtle.

Rose C'est La Vie said...

The name Lesage conjures unimaginable skill and beauty. Great to see it translated to furnishings. Really witty. Love the kidstuff and the Pollock too. Paris has managed to hold onto so many exquisite independent businesses unlike London.