09 July 2009

Bonjour, Chicsetera

"Bon voyage" to my friend D'arcy whose site chicsetera launched this week! Smooth sailing is on the charts for what will undoubtedly be a succès fou.

Chicsetera is an insider's resource for all things stylish and branché in Paris and there is no better guide than Ms. D'arcy who is a fiend for fashion with an incredible nose for the next big thing.

D'arcy and I met years ago in Paris where we were jeune filles au pair by day (and dancing queens by night - it took us months, but we finely broke through the velvet ropes of Regine's with the Billy Jean dance floor and the ultra-exclusive Castel). We spent our free time roaming the streets of the left and right banks and loved nothing more than to lèche-vitrine and critique our favorite couture creations that were out of our reach behind glass walls. Tom Ford for Gucci (with Carine Roitfeld's styling), Alber Elbaz for Guy Laroche (we knew way back then what a star he was), the mysterious Martin Margiela.... such is the fantasy of fashion that Vogue can be just as filling as a five course meal at a Michelin three starred resto.

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Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Thanks for the tip!

vicki archer said...

Her site sounds like a great place and I love the stories of you two living it up in Paris, xv.

Emily Evans Eerdmans said...

Vicki, it was such a special time, but I can't help wondering, how in the world did we have all that energy to go dancing until 3 almost every night?