28 July 2009

Secret Source: L.V.I.S.

That's Ladies' Village Improvement Society of East Hampton to you. Please understand that by revealing this well-kept secret, I risk incurring the wrath of many a la Jodi della Femina.

Finely etched wine glasses, vintage couture, rare books, and fantastic lamps are just some of the offerings of this repository of Hamptons' old guard. Marianne, the hostess for whom I'm always shopping, has practically furnished her entire house from the LVIS, and so storied is this haunt that when a new guest comes to stay, their first request is, "Take me to the LVIS."

My heart always beats faster when we enter The Barn

This past Saturday was the society's annual July fair, complete with silent auction, carousel rides, and plant sale.

Even though we stayed until the bitter end, we didn't win at "Chances"

Tented stands dotted the expansive lawn of the c. 1740 shingled house and many local businesses made generous donations (such as a private tour for 6 of the grounds of Grey Gardens by its designer Victoria Fensterer).

Inside is the Octagon Dollhouse, commissioned in 1980 to recall the interior decoration of the mid-19th century.

Virginia, my eagle-eyed friend, caught this PG-13 rated view...

One can never go home empty-handed from the LVIS. Eric below models our finds of the day: my Daisy Kenyon book, Virginia's tin ferris wheel, and Eric's lederhosen ensemble that fits like a glove, as you can see.

95 Main Street
East Hampton NY 11937
Tel: 631.324.1220

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